Equine Sick Appointments

Knowing you can access specialized care when your horse is sick provides peace of mind. We are here to support you and your horse every step of the way.

a person with a stethoscope on a horse

Compassionate Care When Your Equine Companion Needs It Most

At Country Creatures Veterinary Care in Pendleton, SC, we understand your profound connection with your horse. They’re more than just an animal; they’re a trusted companion, a symbol of strength, and a source of loyalty. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing attentive equine sick appointments that offer more than just standard care – they provide comfort, healing, and hope for your cherished equine friend.

The Vital Role of Equine Sick Appointments

Timely Attention:

When your horse falls ill, time is of the essence. Our equine sick appointments ensure that your horse receives prompt and timely care to address their health concerns effectively.

Expert Diagnosis:

Our experienced veterinarian is skilled in diagnosing many equine illnesses and health issues. They utilize advanced diagnostic tools and their extensive knowledge to provide accurate diagnoses.

Personalized Treatment:

Every horse is unique, and our equine sick appointments are tailored to cater to your horse’s specific needs. When creating a treatment plan, we consider age, breed, and previous medical history.

Comfort and Care:

Beyond medical treatment, our compassionate team offers comfort and care to you and your horse during these challenging times. We understand the emotional toll of seeing your horse unwell.