Small Ruminants Herd Management Consultations

Small ruminants, like goats and sheep, have special needs, and herd management is vital to their care.

a person taking a picture of a group of sheep

Elevating Your Small Ruminants’ Well-being Through Herd Management

At Country Creatures Veterinary Care in Pendleton, SC, we understand the unique charm and importance of small ruminants, such as goats and sheep, in your life and on your farm. Their health and happiness are paramount, and our commitment to exceptional care extends to every aspect of their well-being, including herd management consultations. We offer a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring the health and security of your beloved small ruminants.

The Essence of Small Ruminants Herd Management


Comprehensive Health Monitoring:

Our herd management consultations offer a holistic approach to small ruminant care. We provide routine health assessments, ensuring that each animal within your herd receives the attention and respect they deserve.


Disease Prevention:

Early detection and prevention are essential in maintaining a healthy herd. Our consultations help safeguard small ruminants against diseases, ensuring a happier group.

Customized Solutions:

We know that every small ruminant and farm is unique. Our herd management plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of your animals, ensuring that they receive the personalized care they require.


Improved Productivity:

Healthy small ruminants are more productive, whether providing wool, meat, or milk or being cherished companions. Our services aim to enhance their productivity and overall well-being.