Our equine surgery services in Pendleton, SC, offer skilled expertise, personalized care, and advanced technology to ensure your equine companion’s health, comfort, and vitality.

a person putting on a horse's leg

Elevating Equine Health through Advanced Equine Surgery

At Country Creatures Veterinary Care in Pendleton, SC, we understand the profound bond between you and your horse. Your equine companion is not just a pet; they’re a cherished family member, a source of joy, and a loyal friend. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing attentive equine surgery services that go beyond standard care, ensuring the health and happiness of your beloved horse. Equine surgery can solve many issues, from injuries and lameness to reproductive challenges. It’s a path to restoring your horse’s health and vitality.

The Art of Equine Surgery

Skilled Expertise:

Our experienced veterinarians are highly trained in performing a wide range of equine surgery procedures. Your horse is in capable hands, from equine castrations to joint injections.

Personalized Care:

We understand that every horse is unique, and we tailor our equine surgery plans to suit your horse’s specific needs. Whether it’s an emergency surgery or elective procedure, we consider your horse’s age, condition, and history.

Advanced Technology:

We have access to modern surgical equipment and technology, ensuring precision and efficiency in every procedure.

Pain Management:

Your horse’s comfort is paramount. Our equine surgery services include comprehensive pain management protocols to minimize discomfort during recovery.